Company Printer FAQ
Our company is working for the solutions of digital printing machine. It is the smartest and easiest way to maintain supper quality using Unique digital printer. Our team is striving for improving the printing quality and user's satisfaction, providing the professional printing on objects. Digital printing has more benefits comparing from the traditional printing.
 flatbed printer(Model No:UN-FT-MN104C) A3 size
Model: flatbed printer(Model No:UN-FT-MN104C) A3 size
 flatbed printer (Model No:UN-FT-MN102E) A4 size
Model: flatbed printer (Model No:UN-FT-MN102E) A4 size
The digital ...
 flatbed printer(Model No:UN-FT-MN104W) A3 size
Model: flatbed printer(Model No:UN-FT-MN104W) A3 size
The flatbed printer software is in other language except English?
I need to use a spray, lotion or any other preparation before printing?
How can I pay for flatbed printing machine?
Will you give us the original inks, cleaning liquid for free for flatbed printing?
How much is the Freight for flatbed printing machine?
What is the delivery time after payment?
How can I pay for the digital printer?
The printer's software is in other language except English?
Photo Galary
  • printed ceramic
  • printed tile
  • plate
  • printed gift
  • leather
  • printed lighter
  • printed PVC
  • Leather1
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